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February 8, 2017

T emplate sewing machine’s great effects in jacket production has long lain untapped. Since 2014, a bunch of zealots invented the world’s first template sewing machine in a small workshop in Jiangsu, China, manufacturers of down jackets have hardly found the great usage of the machine as they expected a lower price. Among those to use the machine in the very beginning is a national pioneer. Uniqlo, feted for his role in the down jacket production, is a great beneficiary from the template sewing machine.

  • Equipped advanced low-voltage DC servo motor control technique. Compare with stepper motor and high-voltage AC servo motor system it is energy saving ,environmental protection, more steady, more precision and faster moving frame.
  • Equipped X-Axis & Y-Axis double servo motor and double screw rod mechanism, it is higher precision, higher speed,lower shaking and lower noise.

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Pattern Template Sewing Machine Advantage

  • Specially designed needle, small needle hole which can help to reduce the down coming out problem.
  • Adjustable height for the middle presser foot, fabrics with different thickness can be applied.
  • Automatic sensor effective.
  • Wide scope of application. Garment & Apparel, toys, car seat , furniture & so forth can be applied.
  • Labor-saving. One person can operate 2 - 3 machines at the same time. One machine can help to reduce 3 – 5 labors. Cost-effective.
  • Large memory & storage. Around 200 million stitches, 200 programs of storage.

Model GC-812 or GC-913 Machine head GC-812:Lock stitch pattern tacking sewing machine(with 1.7 hook)/
GC-913:Lock stitch pattern tacking sewing machine(with 2 hook)
Stitch form Single needle lock stitch Max.sewing speed 3,000 sti/min
Feed mechanism Intermittent feed (pulse motor drive) Stitch length 0.05 - 12.7mm (0.05mm step)
No.of stitches 200,000,000 stitches - internal memory Max.number of stitches 60,000 stitches per pattern
No.of sewing data storable Internal memory:512, USB flash drive:900 Work clamp drive Pneumatic drive
Work clamp lift amount Max. 15mm Work clamp clipping mode Clipping work clamp
Intermittent stroke 0.2-8.0mm(default setting:3mm) Hook Double-capacity shuttle hook(Standard capacity hook:option)
Thread wiper Standard equipment Thread trimmer Standard equipment
Data storage media Internal memory, USB flash drive(32M-2GB) User program 200
Cycle programs 9 Sewing area(XxY) GC-812 Max. X1200xY800mm/GC-913 Max. X1300xY900mm
Motor AC servo motor 750W Weight GC-812 Total about 600kg/GC-913 Total about 650kg
Power supply Single-phase 220V 600VA Air pressure/consumption 0.5Mpa 2.5l/min
*When sewing at a sewing speed of 3,000 sti /min, set the stitch length to 3.5 mm and under.
*The number of data items and stitches that can be stored will vary depending on the number of stitches in each program.
*Specifications, appearance, performance and price may be a slightly different with the image, please consult with us.

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Simplify operation, improve production efficiency, ensure quality

High speed

Pattern Template Sewing Process

  • Fully automatic & easy operated. It is PLC controlled, no skilled workers are needed.
  • Labor-saving. Worker can operate 2-3 sets of machines at the same time.
  • Compatible with all kinds of apparel softwares.
  • Capable of all kinds of stich patterns. Triangle, Diamond, Circle, and so forth.
  • High speed. 3000 stiches / min
  • High accuracty to ensure the stitch pattern quality. For the circle pattern, it can go back to the to the starting point without error.

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