down feather filling machine scr-1p
High Speed Automatic Down & Feather Filling Machine SCR-1P
一月 22, 2017
woven and knit Automatic Spreading Machine ZSI-210-1
Knit and Woven Automatic Spreading Machine ZSI-160/190/210
二月 4, 2017
T his is the mechatronic down filling machine with two filling nozzle, a machine specially designed for the manufacturing of the down products. Automatic Down&Feather Filling Machine SCR-2P. It is PLC controlled and works on the PLC controlled touch screen. It has more functions, easier to operate. The machine is equipped with the electric quantitative scales. Set the weights you want and the scales will give you the weight with high quantitative precision. The highest one reaches 0.1g.The machine enables the improvement of the working efficiency effectively, the reduction of the labor working intensity, and the improvement of the working environment.
  • Working based on high air pressure which is damage-free for the down , enables to keep the original softness & elasticity of the down effectively.
  • Triple weighing system works in a cycling pattern which guarantees the fast working speed.
  • High quantitative precision and adjustable weighing error ranges according to the needs of the production.
  • Sophisticated censors are equipped, guarantees any weight requirements.

Side View

Small Occupancy, Compact Structure, Easy to Operate, Easy to Install.
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Suggested Price(USD) Inquiry Power 1.5kW
Voltage 220V 50/60Hz Minimum pressure required 0.58Mpa
Volume of tank 0.6-0.8m³ Main Body Box Size(m) 2.12X0.88X2
Weight Box Size(m) 1.2X0.5X0.9 Filling Desk Size(m) 1X0.8X0.6
Minimum transport channel(m) 1X2.1 Place the smallest area(m) 5x3x2.1
Recommend placing area(m) 6X4X2.1 N.W/G.W 650/1000KG
Filling Materials Down 70%-90% Filling Port 2
Down Storage Volume(kg) 10~12KG Single charge down weight 1-3g/1-7g/1-30g
Weighing error ≤0.3g Cycle Number 2
Weight Range(g) 1-3g/1-7g/1-30g Accuracy Grade(g) 0.1
Filling Speed(g/s) 1~10 Pressure Monitoring System
Humidification system Multiple nozzle size(mm) 16 or 19
Minimum air volume supply 0.8m³/min

Quality Details

Specialized, Dedicated, Serves Attentively

Aviation Connector

Selected special aviation connector, easy to install, strong capacity of turbulence resistance, reliable and durable, stable signal transmitting guaranteed.

Acrylic Box

Special acrylic box, eliminate electrostatic effect, weighing accuracy is high.

Drive Shaft Zinc Plating-yellow

High hardness, wear resistance, durable, not easy to rust.

Operater Desk

Aluminum alloy filling operater desk, supporting feet adjustable, tightness design, refused to shake.

Are you interested in this?

Only four steps can start work.No need skilled worker.

High accuracy and speed than manual filling.

Specifically Designd Circuit

Efficient Rapid Environmental


Upgrade to suit both 50Hz and 60Hz voltage.

Upgrade from 50Hz only to 50Hz & 60Hz both.



We have redesigned our machine circuit from 50Hz only to 50Hz & 60Hz both especially to meet the electric requirement of 60Hz in countries like America & Canada so that factories in those countries can use the machine directly without adopting the transformer.

New Designed Room

Smoothly High-efficiency Environmentally Friendly

Why Use This Dust Free Room?

The self-design, high-efficiency dust-free system, not only improve working envirement, but also collect down and dust.Factory Audit Necessary.

  • Improve Factory Appearance

  • Keep the Worker Healthy

  • High Efficiency Dust-Free

  • Factory Audit Necessary.

How Machine Works?

upload feather&down1

Import Material

Using motor to import down and feather to storage box. Filling material: duck down, duck feather*, goose down, goose feather*, milkweed velvet, ball fiber, fake down and etc
set filling target2

Set Up Target Weight

Set up target weight in program, filling range is 1g – 30g, the max filling weight of home textile filling machine is 80g/filling
filling start3

Start Prepared

Press the button “automatic”, filling machine can be in ready state automatically.
step the pedal to fill4

Step the Pedal to Fill

Put the fabric piece to the filling port and hold it in right way, then step pedal, the target weight down is filled into the fabric piece. Filling in this way, it can fill 1800grids/hour/port.
*:50% up

Proudly filling machine clients all around the world.

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