Continental Quilt Duvet Pillow Filling Machine in Germany

The Birth of New Model with Large Filling Capacity for Home Textiles Filling JFSCR-2P-6G

On April 23,2017, we got filling machine inquiry require a large filling capacity for continental quilt, duvet. We don’t have 100g silo until April 23, our standard 30g silo model fill 100g needs about 30s, it's so slow for customer eventhough our 50g home textile model.

However, we found 100g model have a large market, down sleeping bags, duvets, pillows, and large chamber down garment. After negotiation for the machine filling time and accuracy, our R&D department start to produce and test model capacity.

In the next 2 months, we rewrite program, redesign machine. With strict attitude tested and debug, we finally customized 100g JFSCR-2P-6G models with 6 scales, 0.01g accuracy for Germany client. It is fully satisfied with customer’s requirement.

This machine can fill 100g down or feather in 12 second. Widely apply down and feather grade, from 60% to 90%.

Filling rangeFilling speedTolerance
1-99.99g99.99g/12sabout ±0.1g

The machine is very well running! We do not work continually - so we have no real result. But we can shoot every 3 sec - that's good!

Client in Germany

We are XIDO Machine. If you are looking for quilt duvet pillow filling machine, we are the right one for your choice.