We are XIDO.
We make excellent down jacket filling machines.

We focus on supplying the qualified products to you with good Service. After years of development, we have established full service system and excellent supply chain.

Our products & service are extended to Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, more than 20 Countries, received good comments from foreign clients due to good quality and credit.To ensure the machine reaching your hands in good condition, our professional team spare no effort to every process of manufacture, including the packing and deliverying.


Six facts about the technology

Rich experience & abundant strength

ISO certified factory. The fabric spreaders which were created based on our own R&D technology are qualified as the OEM products for Topcutter.

Various kinds of technology patents

All of our products are granted various kinds of patents of their own. The down jacket filling machine: 12 kinds of utility model patents, 6 kinds of invention patents. The fabric spreader: 3 kinds of utility model patents. The industrial streamline: 3 kinds of utility model and 1 kind of invention model.

The first in the industrial

Our down jacket filling machine is the first in the industry to get the weighing system certificate of the quantitative error controlled within -0.01g , which is granted by the approval authority. The highest quantitative precision can reach 0.05g.

Optimized Structure for the down jacket filling machine

The advanced design of Less space occupation with a larger capacity reduces the number of times to refill the down storage room, which is time-saving and efficient

Cutting-edge down filling modes

The two-sale, three-scale and 4-scale weighing systems greatly improve the working efficiency. A down filling machine is capable of supporting the needs of 4 streamline.

The automatic dust-free system.

The innovative dust-free system can recycle the down effectively , to save the down and reduce the costs.


automatic down filling machine manufacturers
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we are automatic down feather filling machine factory.take photo with our client.
we are automatic down feather filling machine factory